Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cowgirl Dreams

In 2 short weeks we'll be riding our happy horses through the Arizona backcountry.
Ah, 'twas a glorious day. Up at dawn, working like a little fiend on the kinds of freelance projects that I truly love.

Promptly at one, I scooted outta that office, embarking on a premeditated playing hooky kind of afternoon.

It's farrier day ~ new shoes for both horses.

In two short weeks, we're off to Arizona, on our first trail ride of the season! The horsies are as restless as I am. Wild enough that I solicited help from a friend to calm them down.

 Still sporting thick winter coats, caked with layers of mud. (No need to photograph that mess!) In desperate need of a bath, though I doubt the weather will warm enough for me to make that happen.

And, that's okay. We'll go ugly. Just as long as we get to go.

I am sooooo excited for this escape to Arizona. 
Where it's summer! And, with any luck the cactus will be blooming!

Hey! A real live cowboy! Yet another fine reason to do these trail rides. :)
They haven't tried on their saddles in 6 long winter months. They're spooky and spirited with energy to burn. I've got my work cut out for me.... but this horse shoe day is a fun first step. Because it forces them to stand still. For nearly an hour while my kindly, old farrier trims up their tootsies and gets us ready for a new riding season.

I sometimes wonder what they're daydreaming about ~ while he's scraping and filing and messing with their feet.

Larry & Me
Perhaps they're doing the same thing I am...  

Remembering all the fun we had last year and hoping for a deliciously early spring. 

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