Friday, January 14, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day ~ January, 2011


It's not actually as brrr as it looks but it's most definitely not gardening weather.

This is always the hardest month to be chipper on Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. 'Cause I just know when I visit my southern blogging friends they'll be inches away from springtime. Or, worse yet, showing off first blossoms.

What? Me? Jealous? Okay, maybe just a little. I'm 5 months away from digging in the dirt.

I have nothing to show for myself outdoors though it is quite colorful indoors...

Orchids, Cyclamen, refugee Poinsettias (everybody gives me theirs after the holidays) jockey for position in the sunny window.

Velvety Amaryllis are showing off a 2nd round of blossoms. I had terrible luck with bulbs this year though this late bloomer has certainly made up for her slow-as-snails performance.

Red Birds are bursting at the seams, climbing out of their tiny pots.

Loves me: White Hydrangea. This is probably cheating 'cause I didn't grow it. She was a Christmas gift. But, she's very happy in her new home. PS: Pay no attention to that can of dog food in the picture. Sheesh! I'm quite the professional photographer, aren't I?

Loves Me Not: Darling Kalanchoes are 'sort of' blooming. I have pink, yellow and orange but the yellows are so covered with bugs I was embarrassed to show them. I wouldn't want you to think I'm a lazy gardener or anything.

Most of my flowering favorites are in the 'coming attractions' teasing phase. I've got tons and tons of Butterfly Orchids that are ready to pop.

And, I just know they'll all burst into bloom on February 1st, the second I hop a plane and hit the road for an entire month.

Scoot on over and say hello to Carol at May Dreams Gardens. She's the smart cookie who hosts Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

PS! And, last but not least...

So, things aren't completely barren outdoors...

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  1. What is the Red Bird plant? It doesn't look familiar to me.