Friday, January 30, 2009

Daisy Girls

Prairie Sun Rudbeckia  ~ Seeds for the ever-growing Daisy garden are percolating in my sunny window.

I've been eagerly anticipating Friday ever since the Monday morning alarm went off. Life is busier than I think it should be. That's had me a tad grumpy all week long.

Forced to cancel Friday Afternoon [hiking] Club. On this bright & sunny, winter day I've been shackled to the computer doing all sorts of must do's vs. want to do's.

Giant Painted Daisies ~ Last year's batch bloomed in neurotic pink. Hoping for bright, happy red this time around.

It's been an odd week. Bad Dog took a road trip to Vegas. The dog gets invited on vacations and I do not. Go figure.

In the dismal little town of Mesquite, Nevada he experienced his first ever In & Out Burger. Has refused to eat kibble ever since.

White Knight Shasta Daisies: 3 feet high with the biggest blooms you've ever seen.

Some things I simply cannot bring myself to spend money on. Expensive gallon pots of Daisies, during gardening season, being one of those things. These gals bloom about the same time, at about the same height (3 feet tall) and if I were to purchase these one gallon bloomers in springtime it would set me back about $200. Or, $3.89 for the seeds.

Here's hoping you all have a marvelous weekend. I have to work. :(