Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Few Dozen of My Favorite Things

Our Christmas tree is leaning a little to the left but I'm not worried.
We nailed it to the wall!

I keep promising ~ at some point we'll eliminate the clutter.

Certain family members had high hopes... perhaps this year I'd be mature enough to appreciate the concept of 'tasteful' and say no to certain things.

After all, my daughter is an adult. Do we still need to adorn our tree with the baby shoes she wore as a 2-year-old?

Well, of course we do! Are we gonna get into that argument again? 

Finishing touches!

I am only a horder when it comes to Christmas. I can't part with an ornament no matter how old, how tacky, or how utterly useless. Been collecting them all of my life.

This Snowman S'more rests on faux chocolate and a graham cracker, celebrating our love of campfires.

I even kept the Sesame Street ornaments we created with L's toys... by tying nooses around their little necks!! At the time, it didn't feel nearly as cruel as it sounds today.

Plus, it worked pretty well... Bert and Ernie still swing from the branches of our tree 20 years later.
Some of these ornaments are actually quite pretty! And, heartwarming ~ I know you'll appreciate the garden gloves!

Squeezed together, they somehow get along ~ pixies and penquins, ice skates and gum balls.

Hula Girls and Washington State Ferries commemorate some of our travels.

As do the tiny NYC taxi cabs.

It wouldn't be my tree without a prancing pony, or two.

And, plentiful frosty blues.

Cats with their fiddles.
And, cows jumping over the moon.

Tinsel is a must have. And, happy bubble lights. (That should give Martha Stewart fits. )

I guess you might say we're into quantity vs. quality though I saved the best for last!

My beloved piano man ~ the very first ornament I ever purchased scores the strongest branch at the top of the tree.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

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