Sunday, February 14, 2010

For the Love of Heirloom Roses

On this Sunday, Valentine's Day,
the day of love and roses...
I wanted to share some pics from a not-so Secret Garden
we stumbled upon during a visit to Oregon.
It's off the beaten path,
down a country road...
In the heart of the beautiful Willamette Wine Valley,
south of Portland, Oregon.
A magical little shop called Heirloom Roses.
Not just a pile of bare roots leaving you confused and confounded, relying on a picture to make your purchase decision. No no.. Here we found garden after garden of luscious roses in full bloom! Each rose flaunting a name tag so we knew exactly who we wanted to take home.
We wandered through the Tranquility Garden...
The Hope Garden...
And ~ be still my heart! ~ an entire Miniature Rose Garden, my absolute fave.
Enter at your own risk.
Tip: Lock your credit card in the car to avoid big trouble.
Inside the 'candy store.' 

* The idea of this post came from Gail/Clay & Limestone - who suggested we go through our photo files and 'fall in love with our gardens all over again.'

In doing so, I skipped right over my own garden and spent my afternoon drooling over the Heirloom store's roses.

Just in case you're wondering... They do grow other colors than pink. On this blog, you're at the mercy of a pink rose fanatic.

Last, but not least, they didn't compensate me, in any way, for this mention. But that's not to say I wouldn't happily work for roses. I'd love to build them a better website. For some odd reason they don't show pictures of these fabulous gardens on their site!

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